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Serving You in Parliament and Stockton North:
Stockton, Norton, Billingham, Stillington and the Villages

Alex Cunningham MP

It is now over ten years since the people of Stockton North elected me to serve them in Parliament and I continue to do my best to do so.

I was recently appointed as Shadow  Minister for courts and sentencing. I look forward to working with the Shadow Justice Secretary, and the team, on building an effective criminal justice system.

That said, I continue to work in many different areas from NHS/health and social care to industry and carbon capture and storage, all topics which have a major impact on the area I represent. Much recent time has also been spent on fighting for the resources needed to combat increasing crime and anti social behaviour which is a major concern for local people following the massive Government cuts to policing budgets.

My web site is designed to keep you up to date with what I am doing to represent the people of Stockton, Norton, Billingham, Stillington and the villages and includes links to social media as well as news about different activities.

You can also access information on everything from the local campaigns I’m involved in, my voting record and the expenses I incur for my staff, travel and living during the week in London. Whilst I concentrate on housing, health and jobs, I speak on many other issues and the web site now provides a link to any speeches and any questions I ask in Parliament.

There are also details of how you can get in touch and when I hold my regular advice surgeries for which you do not need an appointment.

I am always pleased to have feedback on my work on your behalf and on the web site so please feel free to get in touch.

Alex Cunningham MP
Stockton North

Alex Cunningham MP Headshot

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