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Serving You in Parliament and Stockton North:
Stockton, Norton, Billingham, Stillington and the Villages

It is now over thirteen years since the people of Stockton North elected me to serve them in Parliament and I continue to do my best to do so.

I continue to work in many different areas from NHS/health and social care to industry and carbon capture and storage, all topics which have a major impact on the area I represent.

Much recent time has also been spent campaigning for better health facilities to tackle deep-seated health inequalities in our area; to support the chemical industry so important to our local economy; and to get the resources in education, transport and policing the people of Stockton North desperately need.

On my web site you can: access information on everything from the local campaigns I’m involved in, my voting record and the expenses I incur for my staff, travel and living during the week in London.

I speak on many issues and my web site now provides a link to any speeches and any questions I ask in Parliament.

There are also details of how you can get in touch and when I hold my regular advice surgeries.

I am always pleased to have feedback on my work on your behalf and on the web site so please feel free to get in touch.

Alex Cunningham MP
Stockton North

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