Alex Cunningham MP Demands Answers from Barclays

Alex Cunningham MP for Stockton North said Barclaycard needs to be honest and upfront about exactly what they are planning for the future of their employees at their Stockton site.

“This decision is extremely worrying for hundreds of people from across my constituency and the Tees Valley who have served the company for many years – and helped make it the very profitable business that it is today. It is simply not clear what their plans are.”

“I think it is essential that the company spells out its true intentions immediately and whether or not their real plan is to export jobs from our community to the Far East or some other foreign location.”

“I can well understand local people being extremely anxious at this time of uncertainty and only hope the company will now come clean over the whole issue. I have already contacted the company through their public affairs department but await more information and will be requesting a meeting with the management.”