Alex Cunningham MP Plans to Battle Loan-Sharks

The scourge of loan-sharks was one of the main items addressed by Alex Cunningham MP in his Maiden Speech in the House of Commons on Tuesday 8th June.

Alex, who started his journalism career at the Darlington & Stockton Times, pledged to work with anyone who would help tackle both legal and illegal loan-sharks who prey on some of the weakest people in his own constituency and throughout the country.

He also highlighted the need for a strong Regional Development Agency to continue to invest in constituencies like his to drive skills and manufacturing, and the importance for the new Government to keep faith with the Stockton community and deliver the massive Building Schools for the Future programme.

On a lighter note he reminded the Commons that the Big Ben bell was originally cast just 400 yards from his home in Norton. Sadly, the bell cracked upon testing and Alex said he hoped he wouldn’t suffer a similar fate.

The full text of the speech can be found online at the link below: