Alex Cunningham MP welcomes new rules to protect consumers from holiday mobile bill horror

Now that schools have broken up summer holidays are just around the corner for many. However, coming back from holiday to a huge mobile phone bill can be a nasty surprise.  New European rules on roaming charges should make this ‘bill shock’ a thing of the past.

All mobile companies now have to apply a cut-off limit once a customer’s mobile internet bill reaches €50 – around £40 – per month, while in the EU.  This will happen automatically, unless they opt out. Alternately, customers can select their own limit.

Welcoming this news, Alex Cunningham said,

“In the past it has been far too easy to build up a huge mobile phone bill whilst abroad on holiday. These new rules force mobile phone companies to be more up-front about the costs that can easily build up and protect consumers from spending more than they realise whilst using their phones abroad.”