Government finally clarifies position on local schools

In response to a written question tabled by Alex Cunningham MP, the Government has at last admitted it will not be going ahead with two renovating two local schools, Ian Ramsey and Bishopsgarth.

Reacting to the on-going mess over the scrapping of the Building Schools for the Future Scheme, Alex said:

“During his initial statement to the House of Commons the Secretary of State appeared to indicate these schools were still being considered. Confusion followed when the first of many lists published by his department suggested they would not be going ahead.

We now know, once and for all, that these two local schools will not receive funding under the Building Schools for the Future scheme. This is a serious blow to the communities that use these schools. I am disappointed that it took so long for the Government to clarify its position. The way in which the announcement was handled was shabby to say the least.”