Alex Cunningham MP opposes VAT rise

Local MP Alex Cunningham has written to the Chancellor to express his support for Stockton Borough Councillors who have passed a motion opposing the rise in VAT.

Labour Councillors on Stockton Borough Council have passed a motion, opposed by Conservative and Liberal Democrat Councillors, stating they believe the VAT rise is unfair.

The Government plans to put VAT up from 17.5% to 20% from January. During the General Election campaign, David Cameron repeatedly stated he had no plans to raise VAT and the Liberal Democrats warned that the Tories would raise VAT.

Labour believes a VAT rise is unfair. It hits everyone, including pensioners and those on low incomes. Alex said:

“I have written to the Mayor to let him know this motion has my full support. The VAT rise will hit the poorest hardest, at a time when many families are already struggling to make ends meet.

I have also written to the Chancellor to ask why he is pushing ahead with this regressive rise in VAT. We all agree that cuts need to be made, but the burden should not fall hardest on those who can least afford to pay.”