Alex Cunningham MP questions Coalition’s commitment to Green Energy

Local MP Alex Cunningham has questioned the Government’s commitment to Green Energy in a Westminster Hall Debate about Offshore Wind and the affect it will have for jobs on Teesside.

Labour MPs are concerned that the Government will withdraw £60 million, pledged by the Labour Government before the General Election, to upgrade ports which are mainly in the North East. This money is deemed vital if private investment in the next generation of offshore wind turbines is to be secured.

During today’s Debate, the Minister failed to give an assurance that this money will be ring-fenced, saying that MPs would have to wait for details of how the Government will promote investment in the industry.

Following the Debate, Alex said:

“I was disappointed with the response we received today. The renewables industry needs proper Government support if we are to meet our ambitious carbon emissions targets.

We simply cannot depend on funding from the private sector to ensure vital infrastructures, such as ports, are in place. Without this funding, we run the risk of businesses withdrawing their investment in offshore wind in the UK, costing thousands of jobs including many in my constituency.

Before the election David Cameron claimed his Government would be the ‘Greenest Government ever’. Following today’s Debate I have serious doubts about the Government’s commitment to the Green agenda.

We don’t need another study into this issue. We need proper Government support for a vital industry that has the potential to create many thousands of jobs.”