Alex Cunningham MP wants to hear from the young people in Stockton North

Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham will be holding a special drop-in session for young people at SRC Bede Sixth Form on Friday to discuss any issues and concerns that students may have.

This drop-in session comes on the heels of the recently released Browne Report which could end the current £3,290 fee cap and potentially let universities charge what they like.

Alex said: “Clearly the issue of tuition fees will be a huge concern for many students.  The recommendations could create a two-tier university system with access to top universities being limited to how much you can afford to pay rather than ability, whilst other universities may struggle to attract new students.

“However, students who don’t intend to go to university will have other concerns ranging from leisure facilities to transportation, employment to the environment.

I hope this session gives young people a voice as they are the future and I intend to work hard for them as well as the rest of the constituency.”

Drop-in session will take place between 1200 and 1315pm Friday 22 October.