Alex calls on local businesses to suggest ways to simplify the tax system

Alex Cunningham is calling on businesses in Stockton North to put forward their ideas to an enquiry being held by the new Office of Tax Simplification (OFS).

The enquiry hopes to identify areas of the tax system that cause the most day-to-day complexity and uncertainty for small businesses and recommend priority areas for simplification.

Responding to the call for evidence, Alex said:

“I know that for many small businesses the tax system is frustrating and over-complicated. Time is money and anything we can do to reduce the amount of time small businesses have to spend grappling with the tax system must be done.

“Before I became an MP I ran my own small business and have first-hand experience of how complex the tax system can be.

“I hope local businesses in Stockton North will visit the Office of Tax Simplification’s website and submit their views. Alternatively, if they would prefer to raise their concerns with me I will happily raise any issues they have with the OFS.”