Alex Cunningham MP vows to vote against Tuition Fee Rise

On the day MPs will vote on the Coalition’s proposals to treble University Tuition Fees local MP Alex Cunningham has promised to vote against the Government’s plans.

Tens of thousands of students are set to descend upon Westminster for yet another day of protests whilst students up and down the country are expected to hold protests in their own towns.

Ahead of the vote, Alex said:

“The Government’s policy is in disarray. We are expecting both Tory and Lib Dem MPs to vote against this policy, although many Lib Dems are still expected to break their election pledge and vote for an increase in tuition fees.

Last week, we were faced with the ridiculous possibility that Vince Cable, the man in charge of this policy, might vote against it.

These high fees are not necessary. They are going up so much because the Government has chosen to cut funding for university teaching by 80% –  when other public services are being cut much less.

As the Labour leader Ed Miliband said at the dispatch box yesterday, the Coalition should go away and come up with a better proposal.

Only David Cameron could claim that a proposal to treble tuition fees is fairer than the current system. It is becoming increasingly obvious that this Government is out of touch with the majority of people on this issue.”