Alex urges local people to sign up for the Environment Agency’s Flood Warning Alerts

Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham is urging people in Stockton North to sign up for the Environment Agency’s Flood Warning Alerts.

The new Flood Warning Alerts have replaced the Flood Watch System. There are now three categories:

Flood Alert will indicate that flooding is possible and that you need to be prepared. (e.g. check that domestic flood gates/boards are ready to be put in place, move small valuable items upstairs, check travel plans) and remain vigilant.

Flood Warning will indicate that flooding is expected and that you should take immediate action. (e.g. move/raise belongings, put in place flood boards, move to places of safety). People should take action when a flood warning is issued and not wait for a severe flood warning.

Severe Flood Warning will tell people that there is severe flooding and danger to life. These will be issued only when flooding is posing significant risk to life or disruption to communities. Significant risk to life means that death or serious injury is a likely risk

Alex is keen to make sure local people are aware of the new system. He said:

“Few people in our community are likely to be affected by flooding but for those who could, it is important that they get good information early and this new system being introduced could ensure they get it.”

If anyone is unsure whether their area is at risk of flooding they can check the ‘Risk of Flooding’ maps on the Environment Agency’s website at