VAT rise at the worst possible time

Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham has condemned the rise in VAT as another broken promise by the Coalition Government.

Alex today slammed the government for hiking up VAT at what he called “the worst possible time”.

He said:
“This is bad news for families, right on the back of Christmas. This is the worst possible time for the Government to increase VAT from 17.5% to 20%. Just as we are seeking to claw our way back to recovery people in Stockton North will be hit hard by this VAT attack.

This VAT attack comes at a time when people are stretched as the impact of the world wide recession continues to be felt. Despite the worrying signs that the Government’s plans are hitting jobs and growth, they are insisting on going ahead with this unfair tax increase on the British public.

Increasing VAT is wrong for so many reasons. It will hurt motorists as petrol prices and the cost of motoring will rise. It will hurt families and pensioners when they go to the shops. And it will hurt small businesses many of whom will not want to pass on the increase in VAT to their customers.

During the General Election campaign George Osborne said the Conservatives had no plans to increase VAT. David Cameron acknowledged that VAT rises hit the poorest the hardest. The people of Stockton North are being made to pay for this U-Turn. It is yet another broken promise from the Coalition.”