Alex speaks out ahead of Postal Services Bill

The remaining stages of the Postal Services Bill are due to take place in the House of Commons on Wednesday. Local Labour MP, Alex Cunningham, is voting against the bill, in common with his Labour Parliamentary Colleagues.

Ahead of tomorrow’s vote Alex said:

“In recent weeks I have met with local members of the Communication Workers Union to discuss their thoughts on the Bill.

I am of the opinion that this bill would shatter the heritage of the Royal Mail, something that even Margret Thatcher refused to touch. A privatised Royal Mail would spark cutbacks in services, higher prices and thousands of redundancies.

This bill would destroy the standards built up by the Royal Mail over hundreds of years. Many small businesses depend on the services that are now at risk because of this bill.”

Shadow BIS secretary of State John Denham said:

“Despite repeated calls from Labour, the government is refusing to guarantee Royal Mail business to local post offices. The Coalition seem oblivious to repeated warnings from MPs and Trade Unions on the matter.”

The third reading of this bill is on Wednesday the 12th January.