Alex becomes Keep Trade Local Ambassador

Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham has become an ambassador of the Federation of Small Businesses’ (FSB) Keep Trade Local campaign which highlights the importance of small shops, post offices and pubs to local communities and seeks to save the high streets from the ‘identi-kit syndrome’. Alex has pledged to:

Forever remember that small businesses are at the heart of communities
Support small businesses in my constituency
Bring the small business voice to Parliament

Alex said:

“In a previous life I owned my own Small Business so I know just how vital they are to the local economy in Stockton North. It is imperative we recognise their importance to our high streets and to pulling the UK into recovery after the global economic crisis.

“Small businesses are coming under a combination of pressures – not least because of these uncertain economic times. We could lose our traditional shops that serve our everyday needs.

“Over 50% of the turnover of independent retailers goes to the local community, compared with just 5% from supermarkets. In 2009 19,077 businesses closed, compared to 15,535 in 2008 and 12,507 in 2007; and around 39 pubs a week are closing. Now more than ever it important to fight for our Small Businesses and as a Keep Trade Local Ambassador I will pledge to keep this issue on the agenda in Parliament.”