Alex fights for financial education for young people

Local MP Alex Cunningham attended the launch of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Financial Education for Young People as part of a major campaign for compulsory financial education.

Formed on the back of the global financial crisis and an increasingly complex financial world, the group is calling for compulsory financial education in schools.

Alex, pictured with Martin Lewis, creator of, said:

“Some of my constituents asked me to join this new APPG and I was happy to add my name to the group.”

“It is vital that we equip the next generation with the understanding to be able to make informed financial decisions.”

“Thanks to a decision by this Tory-led Government University tuition fees are set to increase enormously so now more than ever we must make sure we educate our young people about debt and how best to manage their personal finances.”

“A poll on the website showed that 97% of people think financial education should be taught in schools. With the country behind this initiative it is up to the Government to act and make this a priority.”