Alex Cunningham MP warns that families in Stockton North will be £1500 worse off this year

Alex Cunningham MP has joined Ed Miliband, Leader of the Labour party, in his warning that on average a couple with children and one person earning will be £1500 worse off this year. This is more than double the loss of a couple without children.

Alex said:

“It is becoming increasingly clear that David Cameron’s plans will mean that life will be much tougher for families over the next few years. I am worried about how this will affect families in Stockton North. In addition to this, frontline service cuts, driven by the decision to go too far and too fast have been shown to hit couples with children twice as hard.”

“Taken together these changes will mean a cost of living crisis for ordinary families in Stockton North which will have a deep impact for years to come.”

Ed Miliband said:

“These changes fail a fundamental fairness test: that families with children should be protected, not unfairly targeted.”

“Squeezed wages, squeezed prospects, squeezed aspirations.”

“That is why the British Promise, that the next generation would always do better than the last, is now under threat like never before. There is a concern that because the Government is making the situation worse, the cost of living crisis will not go away even when the economy recovers.”

Alex said:

“I am angered by the effect David Cameron’s broken promises will have on the families in Stockton North. By asking children and families to bear the brunt of their cuts, this Tory-led Government is showing that they have no idea what pressure ordinary families are under.”

“It is terrible the Tory-led Government are stacking the odds even further against working families in Stockton North who want to get on in life.”