Alex Welcomes Withdrawal of Redundancy Notices

Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham today welcomed the news that redundancy notices have been withdrawn from music service staff across the Tees Valley after funding was agreed.

But he warned that not only has the Government cut the funding by 10%, but there is no guarantee for future years.

All 70 of the staff were issued with the redundancy notices earlier this year sparking off a campaign by schools, teachers and parents, who feared for the future of the service.

“I am pleased that the service is sorted in the immediate future but am disappointed that despite an undertaking by the Government that the service would have the same funding as last year, this has not proved to be the case. They have cut the budget by 10% – and with inflation running so high, the loss of cash to the Tees Valley is even greater,” he said.

“The very fact that the Government is now continuing to review the way the music service is funded possibly by introducing a national formula creates even further uncertainly for the future. It is essential that the Government makes clear its intentions as soon as possible and ends once and for all the uncertainty for the music service, its staff and students.”