Solar Power under threat thanks to Government decision warns local MP

A fast-tracked Government consultation on subsidies for new solar power schemes has resulted in a shambolic decision which will leave the growing solar energy industry in disarray, local MP Alex Cunningham said today.

Next week Alex will speak out against the Government’s plans during a 30 minute debate in Westminster Hall on ‘Solar power and the feed-in tariff’.

The Government has chosen to significantly reduce tariffs for schemes that are over 50kW in size meaning that many medium sized developments such as those considered by hospitals, schools and churches will no longer be viable. Ahead of the debate Alex said:

“I was astonished to learn that the Government has chosen to undermine the solar energy sector which is creating thousands of jobs and helping the UK to work towards renewable energy targets set by the EU.”

“Solar power is a popular and green method of producing energy and at a time when oil prices are rising and we see the dangers of nuclear power from the on-going crisis in Japan, I cannot understand why the Government has taken the decision to undermine the solar energy sector in this way.”

“A consultation is now underway and I hope that I can persuade the Government to think again on the issue of feed-in-tariffs before this short-sighted decision damages the prospect of real growth in the solar energy sector.”