“Experienced Officers will go” warns Alex Cunningham MP

178 of Cleveland’s most experienced Police Officers could be forced into retirement thanks to Government cuts.

Cleveland Police Authority have approved the use of controversial ‘A19’ regulations to force early retirement on some of the most experienced Police Officers in the country to help cope with the cuts.

Across the country 12,000 Police Officers are expected to lose their jobs thanks to front-loaded cuts of 20% being imposed by the Home Secretary. In Cleveland a minimum of 230 are set to go.

“The Government is forcing through cuts to our Police Service that will ultimately lead to fewer bobbies on the beat and fewer experienced support officers to deal with serious crime”, said local MP Alex Cunningham.

“Worse still, they are in denial about the reality of the situation on the ground, consistently refusing to acknowledge that these cuts will lead to cuts in the numbers of front line Police Officers.”

“As these cuts begin to hit home, it is our local communities that will suffer.”