Government says nuclear waste “will have no health effects on nearby residents”

Nuclear waste at Port Clarence has “a very low radioactivity content” and “will have no health effects on nearby residents” according to the Department for Energy and Climate Change and the Ministry of Defence.

Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham wrote to the Government in March after concerns were raised about nuclear waste that had been dumped at Port Clarence in his constituency.

Alex said:

“I hope local residents will be reassured by this response. I am told the amount of radioactivity associated with the material is at such a low level that it is exempt from statutory regulation under the Radioactive Substances Act 1993.”

“I can understand the level of concern expressed by local residents when the news first broke that radioactive material had been dumped near their homes. But I am now reassured that the waste has been disposed of appropriately and there is no threat posed to the public.”

“I know the Environment Agency is monitoring the site regularly to ensure they are operating within their licence.”