Natwest Norton Branch Closure update

An important local bank in Norton is still to close despite objections from local people and MP Alex Cunningham. Alex wrote criticising Natwest for deciding to close the local branch on Norton Green but to no avail.

He did however receive an undertaking that the bank would ensure the building, now to be put up for sale, would be properly maintained and would not be allowed to fall into disrepair.

Alex said:

“I was very disappointed to receive a letter saying Natwest in Norton was earmarked for closure and wrote to Natwest to outline why I thought it was a poor decision.”

“Sadly, it is clear this closure is going to go ahead, regardless of what I or local people may say.”

“I asked for a reassurance that the building will be properly maintained and not allowed to fall into disrepair. I have been told that Natwest will take my concerns very seriously. I will make sure that they and any subsequent owners fulfil that pledge and an important building in the centre of our special conservation area is not allowed to deteriorate.”