Stockton is on top of salt supplies

Stockton Borough Council has written to Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham with the reassuring message that Salt Supplies for the Borough are aplenty.

Alex wrote to the Council after concerns about the way in which the road network was maintained during the winter weather were raised in the House of Commons.

In the response Stockton Borough Council stated it has over 1200 tonnes of rock salt in reserve and an ‘extremely good’ relationship with its local provider of rock salt in Boulby. Alex said:

“It seems in Stockton we have nothing to worry about. The Council is on top of the salt supplies and confident about its ability to deal with severe weather.”

“I still have concerns about other parts of the country where the response to the winter weather was shoddy and motorists faced dangerous conditions. But thankfully, local people can rest assured that our local road network will be up to scratch if we are faced with severe weather this winter.”