“You still can’t trust the Tories with the NHS” says Alex

The Secretary of State for Health was today forced to accept his plans for the reorganisation of the NHS are seriously flawed and have caused chaos and confusion within the NHS over the past year.

With opinion polls showing that 54% of people disagree that the NHS is safe in David Cameron’s hands, local MP Alex Cunningham said today:

“The Tory agenda which will lead to widespread privatisation of NHS services is alive and well and anyone thinking they have done any significant u-turn today is misleading themselves.

“The changes are at the margins and still land the NHS with a bill of several billion pounds whilst handing over control of the NHS budget to GPs who can commission only what they want. I’d rather see those wasted billions used to keep waiting lists down and health staff who are currently being sacked in their jobs.

“It is increasingly clear that you still can’t trust the Tories with the NHS.

“David Cameron promised to protect the NHS budget but in reality, thanks to inflation, it will see a real terms cut of £1 billion. Now is the not the time to be forcing through an unwanted and expensive reorganisation.”