Alex questions Lloyds about Billingham Branch

Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham has been asking questions about the future of the Billingham Branch of Lloyds TSB bank which is set to form part of a new national banking group.

Lloyds TSB was one of the banks that accepted state aid during the financial crisis and part of the deal involved Lloyds agreeing to sell off at least 600 Lloyds branches by November 2013.

Alex said:

“I have been in contact with Lloyds to seek an assurance that there is a long-term future for the Billingham branch once the new bank opens. I am worried that any new operator may seek to close down smaller branches such as our local branch in Billingham.

“Local people rely on having easy access to their bank and my concern would particularly lie with the elderly and vulnerable members of our community who would find it difficult to travel further afield.

“Sadly they have given me no guarantee, but Lloyds have assured me they are keen to manage the transition to a new operator well and have promised to keep me up-to-date with developments.”