“Tees Valley Women penalised by Government Pension plans” say local MPs

Labour MPs from across the Tees Valley have joined forces to condemn the Tory-led Government as figures show that 8,100 women in the sub-region will lose out thanks to changes to the state pension age.
Government plans will see 330,000 women across the country born between December 1953 and October 1954 have to wait 18 months or two years longer for their state pension.

Local MPs including Alex Cunningham, Jenny Chapman, Tom Blenkinsop and Iain Wright have attacked the Government over these changes.

Stockton North MP Alex said:

“Women in Stockton North have told me they need sufficient time to plan for the increase in the state pension age. These changes are happening too fast and causing a lot of worry and anger. It will be the poorest women who suffer the most as a result of the government’s plans, those who do not have savings to fall back on and are in low-paid jobs.”

Jenny, MP for Darlington, said:

“The Government is breaking a promise to women. This decision proves, if there was any doubt left, that the Government has no idea of the pressures and financial difficulties faced by the majority of people.”

Tom, MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, said:

“The age at which women can collect the state pension was supposed to rise gradually from 60 to 65 by 2020, but under the Coalition’s plans it will rise further and faster. This is simply not fair on those women in my constituency who could lose out on more than £15,000 thanks to these changes.”

Hartlepool MP Iain said:

“I am concerned that many of the women affected by these accelerated changes might have worked part time to raise families and might have not had the opportunity to pay into an occupational scheme. Women in Hartlepool and across the Tees Valley, who are often the foundation of a household’s budget, are certainly not in a position to prepare properly for a sudden two year rise in their pension age, brought in without appropriate consultation or warning by this Government.”

More than 180 MPs, including Conservative and Liberal Democrat backbenchers, have signed an Early Day Motion calling for a rethink of the plans.