Alex hails women’s listening event success

  • Alex today (16th September) hailed the success of a recent ‘Coffee, Cake & Chat’ morning geared towards finding out how women in Stockton North are coping under the Tory-Led Government.

    Women from around the area attended the event at Stockton Library to express their opinions to Alex on a range of issues including the NHS; pensions, crime and anti-social behaviour and local services.

    Alex said:

    “It’s no secret that the current policies of the Coalition Government disproportionately affect women greater than men, for example, recent employment figures state that the number of women made redundant increased 72.3% on the previous quarter and women claiming Job Seeker’s Allowance continues to rise to the highest levels in decades.

    “However, employment is just one issue. That is why I felt it was necessary to arrange the listening event to get a clear understanding of the issues that women in my constituency feel are the most important, and therefore allowing me to best represent them in Parliament.”

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