Unemployment hits 17 year high

As unemployment soared yet again across the North East, Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham said it was time for a change of direction from the Tory led government.

In the North, the number of people in employment fell by 17,000 on the quarter, and unemployment increased by 19,000 on the quarter to reach 142,000 –or 11.3%. The number of people claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance also increased by 1,500 on the previous month. In Alex’s own constituency the latest increase in unemployment has taken the total to 3900 or 9.4% of people.

Alex said:

“This is a day of judgement for the government.  With increased unemployment and around 10 people chasing every available job on Teesside it is clear we need a change of direction by the government.

“Labour’s 5 point plan for jobs and growth would get our area moving again. We know about the deep scars of unemployment on Teesside better than most so there is a real need to get people back to work and off benefits. At the moment we are stuck in a vicious cycle, with more people on benefits and out of work, the deficit is
harder to get down.”