Welcome for government cash to tidy up development areas

Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham, responding to the news that there will after all be Government cash to help tidy up the Parkfield area in Stockton, said:

“When the Government axed the Housing Renewal Programme designed by the last Labour Government to clear large areas of poor housing to make way for development, the Parkfield community were left not knowing what the future held for them,” he said.

“It has been an extremely anxious time for both them and the Borough Council as they waited to see just what cash would be available to complete at least some of the clearance and tidying up work in the area. I’m relieved for them that there can now be some certainty.”

This good news however comes in the same week the Government have been forced to admit their failure to make house building a priority across the country.

Figures this week show that housing starts in the north East fell 96% for homes at Social Rent from 163 to just 7. The building of Affordable Homes also fell 91% from 192 to just 17.

“Renewal money is very welcome – and the Government needs to focus on what it is going to do to build new homes. We already know that the Tory Government cut the £4 billion Affordable Homes Programme by 60% but even so, the numbers of homes actually being built are miniscule,” said Alex.

“It is time for real action on housing and I hope the Chancellor will announce plans to do so in his autumn statement on Tuesday.”