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Why is it important to be politically active?

Until recently, young people being involved in politics have been perceived as a rarity or as an unusual concept. However, in the last few years we have seen more and more young people having their voice heard whether it was holding protests and occupations in opposing the rise in tuition fees or to having their voice heard at their party conference such as Rory Weal at the recent Labour conference in Liverpool.

By becoming politically active, it enables yourself and other young people to be heard by local people, media and hopefully politicians and – make a difference. There are many ways to make yourself heard, whether it is just voting at local elections, contacting Alex Cunningham or your own MP with your opinions/problems affecting you and other young people or even organising a peaceful protest about a concerning issue.

Since the Conservatives have come to power (and the Liberal Democrats) they have cut employability for young people including the Future Jobs fund, raised tuition fees, cut EMA and cut most services to young people.

More and more young people have started to speak up against these policies and future proposals. If not already, it is the best time to start to become politically active and fight back against the Coalition. Therefore, you will be able to help prevent the Tories and LibDems from returning to government and start holding them to account for their injustices made to you and other young people.

By joining the Labour Party it has enabled young people to have a say in their local constituency branch, at regional or to national conferences for young people and policy forums. The Labour Party believes in fighting for young people and condemning Coalition policy to secure the future of young people because their future is our future.

– Gemma Cobby