Government have crossed the basic line of British decency on cancer patients

Local MP Alex Cunningham says there will be justice for some of the most vulnerable people in our society – unless the Government refuses to accept amendments to its Welfare Reform Bill agreed by the House of Lords.

The government has now suffered three defeats on the Bill in the House of Lords, which included plans to force cancer patients back into work before they have had the chance to recover.

As part of the Bill, the government proposed to means-test employment and support allowance (ESA) payments for disabled people after only one year, and this would also have applied to cancer patients and stroke survivors.

These plans were denounced by the Labour Party, as well as cancer charities, as an immoral attack on the sick, the vulnerable and the poor.

The Tory-led government was also defeated over plans to restrict access to ESA for young people with disabilities or illness.

Alex said:

“People all over Stockton North will be delighted the government have been defeated over their cruel plans for cancer patients, because quite simply they tried to cross the basic line of British decency.

“For months Labour has been fighting this heartless attack on cancer patients, and we are delighted that the House of Lords agree. The government’s proposal to cut paid for benefits for people still in chemotherapy crosses the basic test of fairness.”

“It’s clear that the government have got this one wrong, and after these decisive defeats they should do the decent thing and take these proposals off the table.”