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Make a pledge to keep your car smoke free

Local MP Alex Cunningham is encouraging everyone in Stockton North, whether they are a smoker, ex-smoker or non-smoker, to take a pledge to keep cars smoke free when there are children present.

Research has shown that more than half of children in the UK have been exposed to cigarette smoke while travelling in a car. Smoking in a vehicle is particularly dangerous for child passengers as their lungs are still developing – and they are less likely to speak up and object.

Meanwhile Alex has himself pledged to continue the fight to change the law to bring in a ban. His 10 Minute Rule Bill failed to get enough time for debate in the Commons but has now been revived in the House of Lords. He has also won a pledge from the Health Minister Ann Milton who has stated the practice should be eradicated.

To show your support to keeping children’s lungs healthy, all you have to do is to go to and pledge to keep your car smoke free.

Alex said:

“I strongly urge everyone, whether they are a smoker or not, to go onto the British Lung Foundation’s website and pledge to keep their car smoke- free.

“Studies have shown that the concentration of toxins in a smoke-filled car can be up to 11 times greater than in a smoky bar, and can seriously damage the health of its child passengers.

“It is critical that the government takes decisive actions and introduces a ban on smoking in cars where there are adults present, and signing the pledge is a great way to show the government that you believe the health of the nation’s children should be put ahead of the rights of smokers.”