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Support the Big Switch Energy Campaign to ensure fairer prices for energy consumers

Local MP Alex Cunningham has teamed up with Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Caroline Flint to back the Big Switch Energy Campaign, and is encouraging people in his Stockton North constituency who want to see cheaper and fairer energy prices to also show their support.

The Big Switch Campaign is a practical way for consumers to take the power back from big gas and electricity companies, bargaining as a group with gas and electricity companies to persuade them to give them the lowest price.

All you have to do is sign up on their website – 38degrees – The Big Switch and register your interest in taking part in The Big Switch, and then expert negotiators at Which? will start bargaining with the energy companies using a ‘reverse auction’. As a result, companies will have to compete to give you the cheapest electricity and gas.

Alex said:

“It is vital that energy companies respond to the confusing array of energy tariffs which result in 80% of the public paying more than they need to. The Big Switch Energy Campaign is an excellent way of taking practical steps to reduce the power of the big six energy companies, and I urge all Stockton North Residents who are fed up with paying excessive prices for simply heating and lighting their homes to sign up.

“In light of the recent announcement that Centrica, who own British Gas, made profits of £2.415 billion last year, it is even more essential to show your support for the campaign. Such massive profits are an insult to the millions of families who are struggling with their energy bills, and the government’s lack of action on this issue is shameful.”