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Alex Cunningham MP ‘overwhelmed’ by survey response

Responses to a survey targeted at young people has left Stockton North MP, Alex Cunningham, overwhelmed by the challenges and issues facing them in his Stockton North constituency.

The survey, launched at the beginning of 2012 online and sent to over 2000 Stockton North residents aged 18 – 25 sought their views on local and national issues, their current circumstances and their hopes and aspirations.

Alex said:

“The number of young people who responded was quite limited but I felt it was important to write to them and personally invite them to let me know what they think about the world around them and the things affecting them.

“Issues raised included the lack of job opportunities for young people who are finishing college or university; the lack of affordable and social housing which is restricting social mobility; and high prices for public transport making it hard to get to work or college, in particular following the scrapping of Educational Maintenance Allowance.

“I have long championed young people and the issues they face, and the response to the survey proves that there is still a long way to go to provide young people with the opportunities they deserve.”

The next step in Alex’s work to engage directly with them is a special social event for young people from across the Tees Valley in the form of a ‘Question Time’ type session event followed by supper.

The event, at Joe Rigatonis on the Riverside at Stockton, is being held on Tuesday 3rd April from 7pm and will give young people an opportunity to talk about local and national issues with local MPs, councillors and their peers.

Those interested in attending can find out more information by contacting Alex’s office on 01642 345291.