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Alex MP encourages Stockton to ‘Join In’ with local sports clubs

Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham is calling on local sports clubs to sign up for a new project designed to get hundreds of thousands of people across the UK to join in local sport during a weekend that will give an Olympic and Paralympic boost to sports clubs across the whole of the UK.

The ‘Join In Weekend’ has been established with the specific aim of getting as many people as possible who have been inspired by London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games to turn up, take part and join in at their local sports facilities on 18/19th August- the first weekend between the Olympic and Paralympic games.

Stockton North sports groups will be able to take advantage of this unique moment, creating a shop window within the community for the opportunities there are for people inspired by the Games to help out, give time, support, watch or play sport.

The ‘Join In Weekend’ will enable Stockton clubs to convert this once in a lifetime wave of interest into a sustainable future of help, support and membership from the local community.

Alex said:

“Every great champion started at their local sports facilities. I want to make sure that the local clubs here in Stockton make the most of the once in a lifetime opportunity the Olympic Games provides to get local people involved in whatever capacity, whether as players or coaches, drivers or tea makers.”

“The ‘Join In Weekend’ is a great platform for clubs to harness the enthusiasm of London 2012 and make sure they get the local community engaged. I hope clubs here in Stockton will sign up at and really enjoy the opportunity of 18/19th August.”