Alex MP meets Stockton’s future politicians

A plea from students at Riverside College Bede Sixth Form for the Labour Party to do more on policy for young people is being taken to the top by their MP, Alex Cunningham.

Alex visited the college to speak to Politics students and listen to their views on the social, economic and political challenges currently faced by the UK.

He was asked a range of questions from his view on lowering the voting age to Britain’s role in Europe. Alex was very impressed by the students and said “It was great to visit the college and speaking to the students there reaffirmed my belief that the voting age should be lowered to 16. The students’ questions were really insightful and well researched and it was great to hear different views.”

During the session Alex asked them what politicians needed to do to help young people take a greater interest in politics and Labour in particular.  They said the Party needed to spell out its policies and how they affect young people more clearly.  Alex promised to pass onto Labour’s Leader, Ed Miliband, the view that students felt not enough of current politics was being aimed at them.

“With current government cuts hitting young people hardest and youth unemployment continuing to rise, it’s more important to listen to our young people – but politicians also need to spell out their ideas. That’s the messages I’m taking back to Ed Milliband at Westminster and like the students, I look forward to his response.”