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Alex MP slams Tory-led Government as housing and economic policies hit home

The Tory-led Government’s policies were exposed today as official figures revealed that affordable house building had collapsed in the Tees Valley. The figures from the Government’s Homes and Communities Agency show that affordable housing starts fell 47% from 478 to just 251 in 2011/2012 compared with the previous year.

These figures demonstrate the disastrous impact of the Tory-led Government’s housing and economic policies and the need for urgent action to build much needed homes and get the economy going again.

Labour would repeat the bankers’ bonus tax to build 25,000 new affordable homes. Together with our proposed 5% cut to VAT on home improvements would lead to homes that are in a better condition and have the effect of creating much needed jobs and apprenticeships. 

Alex said:

“The Tory-led Government is failing families in the Tees Valley who are in desperate need of a home. We have a growing housing crisis and the Government’s policies are making it worse. Across the country there has been a 68% fall in affordable home starts and in Stockton we’ve also seen a 68% decrease.”

“The Government was warned time and time again that its policies would make the housing crisis worse – locking families out of the housing market, fuelling rising rents in the private rented sector and leaving more people on housing waiting lists. But Housing Minister Grant Shapps refuses to listen, and instead spins a tale that things are getting better.

“Labour has called on the Government to take action by repeating the bankers’ bonus tax to fund 25,000 new affordable homes while proposing a one year cut in VAT on home improvements, repairs and maintenance to help homeowners, small businesses and create much needed jobs and apprenticeships.”

“This government needs to think less about grabbing headlines and more about tackling the worsening housing crisis.”