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Alex MP’s smoking in cars Bill is to be revived in the Lords

Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham has expressed his delight that his Bill to ban smoking in cars when there are children present will be brought back to life this week in the House of Lords by Lord Ribeiro.

The Government refused to give Alex’s Bill the necessary parliamentary time to be debated, and both the Leader of the House, George Young MP, and the Prime Minister refused to back the Bill to protect children, despite studies showing that 86% of parents support legislation to ban smoking in cars when children are present.

Tory Peer, Lord Ribeiro, will now promote the ban in the House of Lords, with the Bill’s second reading taking place on Friday 29th June.

Alex said:

“While it is disappointing the government failed to adopt my Bill to protect children from adults smoking in cars, I am delighted that the fight to bring in the ban will continue in the House of Lords.

“With 300,000 children every year seeing their GP with smoking related illnesses, it is critical that this Bill is brought into law and the health of the nation’s children is put ahead of the rights of smokers.”