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Car parking to remain free at Norton’s Co-op supermarket

Responding to concerns from Norton residents at a recent street surgery, Stockton North MP has received assurances that there are no plans to withdraw the provision of free car parking for Co-op customers at the Norton High Street store.

There had been fears that car parking charges may be introduced as a result of the Co-op’s car park being used by some individuals for long periods of time, restricting customers’ ability to shop at the store due to no spaces being available to genuine shoppers.

The Co-op are however in the process of conducting a survey to better understand exactly how the car park is being used – specifically to understand who is using it and for what periods of time, with the possibility of a fixed period of free parking being introduced to allow customers sufficient time to shop in store, normally two hours.   

Alex said:

“The news that the Co-op will continue to provide free car parking will be welcomed by concerned residents in Stockton who feared charges would be introduced.

“I do however very much understand the Co-op wanting to maximise car parking spaces for their customers- but just as long as they do not stay for more than two hours, shoppers have no need to worry.”