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Alex Cunningham MP presents WRVS long service medal

Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham will present a volunteer with a long service medal at the WRVS Stockton-on-Tees Social Centre on Wednesday 25 July at 11.30am.

Alex Cunningham will award the WRVS Long Service Medal to Yvonne Morgan, a Volunteer Partner for the Tees Valley Hub region, for 15 years of service to the charity

As well as meeting Yvonne and some of the other volunteers, Alex will also be introduced to regular centre users who look forward to their visit to the social centre, which for many is the highlight of their week.

The WRVS Stockton-on-Tees Social Centre, which is funded by Stockton on Tees Borough Council, is typically visited by 16 older people each Wednesday.  As many of the older people who visit are housebound, the club is their social lifeline and once there, they have the opportunity to take part in various activities including quizzes, arts and crafts and bingo. There are also regular outside speakers.

Derek Hails, WRVS Service Delivery Manager for North East and Cumbria, said: “We’re really pleased that Alex is visiting the WRVS Stockton-on-Tees Social Centre and meeting some of our centre users and volunteers. The centre is an invaluable resource for local older people. It’s a place for older people to come and see old friends, make new ones and stay connected to their community.”

Alex said:

“The services WRVS provides at its Stockton-on-Tees Social Centre makes a huge difference to the lives of older people in the community. I’m really looking forward to meeting some of the volunteers who give up their free time and to some of the older people who benefit from their support.”