You are currently viewing 500 jobs to be axed at Stockton’s Direct Line call centre

500 jobs to be axed at Stockton’s Direct Line call centre

Having spoken with the Managing Director at Direct Line Alex MP said:

“This is a devastating blow to 500 workers and families on Teesside at a time when unemployment in our area is continuing to rise year on year and the number of new jobs created is comparatively small. 

“I have spoken with Darrell Evans, Managing Director of Direct Line, and demanded to know why Teesside had to be the target yet again and he said the decision was a matter of needing to contribute to their cost cutting exercise to save £100 million a year. I asked him if it would be possible to save some of the jobs but he refused to say whether or not that would be possible, though there would be a consultation exercise with employees.  I very much doubt that will change the picture.      

“It saddens me that this is yet another knife in the back of Teesside which seems to be an easy target for Government departments and others when it come to job losses.  Recently it’s been the DVLA, the Insolvency Service and Public Lending Rights Service that have been targeted and all on top of the public sector jobs in local authorities and the NHS.  Now the state owned RBS has targeted our Region.

“I know the Borough Council and JobCentre Plus are already busy looking to put in support for those losing their jobs but in the midst of an economy that has failed to grow since the Government came to power, huge cuts to public services, falls in construction and a collapse in confidence, they face a massive uphill struggle to do so.”