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Alex Challenges the Prime Minister on the Eurozone Crisis

Alex Cunningham, the Member of Parliament for Stockton North, today challenged the Prime Minister in Parliament on his ability to protect the interests of Britain in Europe. 

Alex MP asked the Prime Minister:

“How does he expect to be able to protect British interest from being harmed by closer Eurozone fiscal integration when he didn’t guarantee us a seat at the table during the negotiations?” 

Alex was in the House of Commons listening to the Government’s statement following the latest European Council meeting of heads of Government.  He pointed out to the Prime Minister that, despite what the Prime Minister says, the UK’s recovery stopped before the Eurozone crisis fully took hold, and that the current double-dip recession was made in Downing Street.

Alex MP said:

“The Prime Minister talks a big game about protecting British interests, but that would be a lot easier if he hadn’t locked himself out of the negotiating room.

We know that the Government like to blame their dismal economic record on the Eurozone crisis, but any objective reading of the facts shows that the recession began before it fully took hold.

Now he has shut Britain out of the negotiations and all he can do is grandstand to impress his Eurosceptic backbenchers, basically telling me that this is a matter for Mainland Europe.’