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Alex Witnesses Osteoporosis Suit Demonstration

Alex Cunningham, the Member of Parliament for Stockton North, witnessed the impact of severe osteoporosis when he attended a drop in session at the Houses of Parliament that was timed to coincide with World Osteoporosis Day this Saturday 20th October.

At the All Party Parliamentary Osteoporosis Group event, attendees witnessed the demonstration of an ‘osteoporosis suit’ that uses a system of harnesses, braces and bands to allow the wearer to experience the physical impact of the condition. It imitates a spinal stoop caused by compression fractures, along with other restrictions in movement and instability commonly experienced by people with severe osteoporosis who can suffer multiple fragility fractures.

Every member of the Falls and Fractures Alliance has developed an action plan for their organisation to establish how they will help reduce the incidence of falls and fractures. They have agreed to their plans being published and to report back to other Alliance members every year on how they are performing.

Alex MP said:

“The demonstration of the osteoporosis suit was a real eye opener. Sufferers are under an incredible strain and physical discomfort and the National Osteoporosis Society deserve great credit for bringing that so vividly to the attention of Members of Parliament.”

Claire Severgnini, Chief Executive of the National Osteoporosis Society said;

“The Falls and Fractures Declaration demonstrates how the National Osteoporosis Society and Age UK are taking the lead with this growing problem of falls and fragility fractures.

“This Declaration is the result of organisations, independent of government, working together to reduce rates of fragility fracture and falls in older people. But in order for this to happen, everybody has to be involved and everybody has to be committed – from health professionals to patients to commissioning bodies.

“By working together, we can prevent fragility fractures and we can save lives and money.”