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Alex asks Business Secretary about Local Green Jobs

Green industries should be creating thousands of jobs in the Tees Valley – but the area is losing out as contracts go elsewhere.

And now Alex Cunningham, MP for Stockton North, has pressed the Government during Business, Innovation and Skills Questions to do more to secure such contracts for British companies who are investing huge resources in plant to deliver them.

Alex was particularly keen that the Minister look closely at the areas potential for developing components for the offshore wind industry, for which the North East has a growing reputation. He pointed out that companies such as TAG Engineering have invested millions of pounds to build equipment for the industry but have seen lucrative contracts instead be awarded to Europe.

Alex MP said:

“It was good to get the chance to put the Tees Valley’s case to the Secretary of State, particularly in the light of disappointing news for local firms who have seen huge contracts for wind farms on their doorsteps placed in Holland, Germany and other European countries. I wanted to ask the Business Secretary what he was doing to get British wind farm contracts placed with British firms.

“The Minister is right that the Government needs to do more to develop the supply chain, and I call on them to do this. The North East is a great place for firms to do green business, but we still need to do more to develop the industry to ensure that good money isn’t wasted in pursuit of contracts which never arrive.”