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Alex backs GO 20 campaign for safer walking and cycling in Road Safety Week

Alex Cunningham, MP for Stockton North, is backing a national campaign launched today appealing to drivers and authorities to GO 20, to bring about a 2012 legacy of safe walking and cycling for everyone.

Brake, the road safety charity, alongside a GO 20 coalition, is appealing to drivers to slow down to 20mph around homes, schools and shops, as well as calling for 20mph limits to become the norm across built-up areas, so children and adults can walk and cycle for their health and enjoyment, and for cheap and sustainable travel, without being or feeling endangered.

The GO 20 campaign is being launched at the start of the UK’s annual Road Safety Week, which runs from 19-25 November 2012.  Alex is joining thousands of community groups, schools and organisations across the UK getting involved to promote road safety and call for safer streets.

Many authorities are already recognising the benefits of slower speeds by implementing 20 limits across towns and cities. GO 20 calls for more authorities to do this and urges the government to work towards 20mph limits being the norm in communities, while imploring drivers to pledge to GO 20 around homes, schools and shops, even where the current default limit of 30mph remains.

Alex is encouraging constituents to pledge their support for GO 20 and safer walking and cycling by visiting the GO 20 website at:

Alex said:

“I want my constituency to be as healthy, happy, and friendly as possible for everyone who lives here, and slowing down to 20mph around schools, shops, and homes will help us to achieve that. It will also help us to prevent devastating casualties on our roads, which cause terrible suffering to the families affected.

“That’s why I’m getting behind the GO 20 campaign and showing my support for Road Safety Week.  My constituents deserve as many opportunities as possible to get active outside, and to not be endangered while they’re on foot and bicycle.  I am pleased to work alongside Brake to make that a reality.”