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Alex Welcomes Intersnack Reassurances on Billingham Plant

Alex Cunningham MP, the Member of Parliament for Stockton North, today welcomed personal reassurances he had received that the new owners of KP Snacks, Intersnack, that they were committed to working with the existing management team and employees at their newly acquired Billingham plant to develop and expand their business.

Alex wrote to the International Executive Chairman of Intersnack, Martin Leerdam, and sought reassurances about the future of their Billingham branch, which employs hundreds of local residents and has a long history in the community. The factory is the home of the famous McCoys crisps brand. The company’s response confirmed that the Billingham plant was very much a part of their plans.

Nick Bunker, Chief Executive Officer for KP Snacks, said in a letter to Alex:  “The acquisition of the KP business is part of a long term growth strategy for Intersnack who have a considerable presence in many European markets. The facility at Billingham is as you rightly note, “the home of McCoys” and is therefore an important part of our infrastructure and our growth plans.”

Alex said:

“I am pleased that the new owners have offered me reassurances about the future of the Billingham plant. KP was a good local employer which had a good relationship with the wider Stockton community, and I hope that can be continued under new ownership.

“I congratulate Intersnack on their purchase, and look forward to meeting with Executives and staff, and hope that the future of the Billingham plant is in good hands.”