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In/Out Referendum on Europe not in Britain’s best interests

Commenting on the Prime Minister’s speech on the European Union where he promised an in/out referendum, Stockton North Labour MP, Alex Cunningham said:

“This is a panic decision by a weak Prime Minister who spends his life reacting to the next political pressure either from within his own party or outside putting narrow political considerations ahead of the country.

“He has sent a dire message to current and future investors – seven years of uncertainty giving the impression Britain is closed for business.

“People are more concerned about the lack of jobs, no growth and a flat-lining economy and today David Cameron has made the solution to those concerns all the more difficult.

“An in/out referendum is not in Britain’s national interest.  We need reform but that can only be achieved by working cooperatively from the centre of the EU, not from the margins.

“Change in the EU is inevitable, brought on by the Eurozone crisis and collapsing economies, and we need a broad agenda of reform – not a narrow agenda of repatriation.  We need a cut in the EU budget in real terms, the Common Agricultural Policy changed to end wasteful subsidies, grant funds need to be better targeted, and we need to see the EU focussed on growth and jobs in everyone’s interests.”