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Alex welcomes Environment Agency progress on flood defence plans

Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham this week welcomed news from the Environment Agency that options to reduce the flooding risk in the Lustrum Beck area are progressing, having recently been informed that the area is now be eligible for a larger and wider scheme than previously as a result of new funding mechanisms.

Having written to the Environment Agency’s North East Area Manager following recent announcements that construction is to start on 93 new flood defences in England this year, Alex was informed that the Environment Agency continues to work closely with Stockton Borough Council and Northumbrian Water to address these risks and provide a suitable solution.

Alex was also pleased to receive reassurances that plans for work at Browns Bridge are continuing, and that this specific project will go ahead in isolation this year if a wider scheme proves to be unachievable, having been advised that the final details of this proposal are currently being discussed with Stockton Borough Council.

Alex said:

“I was very pleased to be told that works to provide robust and reliable flood defences in the Lustrum Beck area are underway, with options to safeguard all ‘at risk’ properties being explored in order to provide comprehensive protection.

“I was particularly happy to learn that, in the undesirable event that an all-encompassing project proves to be elusive, a smaller project focussed on the Browns Bridge area of Lustrum Beck will go ahead, providing protection to the most vulnerable residences that have flooded several times in the past three years.