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Alex encourages residents to utilise free help to save money on energy bills

Alex Cunningham, MP for Stockton North, is encouraging residents across the Borough to make the most of free advice being offered on energy efficiency and effective use of heating systems to help save money on energy bills and ensure that vulnerable households can maintain a warm home.

TADEA, a not-for-profit organisation providing sustainable project management and advice services, is working with Stockton Borough Council to offer free Home Energy Checks to vulnerable households, delivering impartial and practical energy advice at no cost.

Those eligible for a free Home Energy Check include residents aged over 60, those with a disability or long term health condition, and those households with a child under four.  Residents can call the TADEA advice line on 0800 124 4320 to check their eligibility, and those falling outside these criteria can access over-the-phone energy efficiency advice

With a wealth of experience in the field, TADEA takes a “whole house” approach to energy saving, providing advice on heating and insulation as well as guidance on grants and funding that may be available to make homes more energy efficient.  TADEA’s experienced advisers are also able to ensure that households are on the right energy tariff with the best supplier, as well as offering assistance to understand energy bills and guidance on how to take metre readings.

On top of this, TADEA advisers can also offer advice on travelling in a sustainable way, as well as providing guidance on renewable technologies to promote carbon reduction.

Alex said:

“At a time when domestic energy costs are rising and fuel costs are consistently high, people are naturally looking for ways to better manage their energy bills and reduce consumption to minimise costs.  However, it is vital that the desire to reduce bills is balanced against the need to maintain a warm home.

“I am pleased to support TADEA and Stockton Borough Council in their efforts to assist people in achieving these goals, and I encourage all eligible residents across the Borough to get in touch with TADEA and make the most of this valuable advice service.”