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Alex encourages young people to Think Big to change communities

Think Big

Member of Parliament for Stockton North, Alex Cunningham, today challenged young people across the Stockton Borough to “Think Big” to bring about changes and improvements to their communities.

“Think Big” is a social action programme run by O2, led by the National Youth Agency and in conjunction with UK Youth and Conservation Foundation.  Aimed at 13-25 year olds, the programme aims to help young people with positive ideas to improve communities make their visions a reality by providing financial support for great project and initiatives.

Young people can apply for an initial £300 to help them “Think Big” in their local community and, if they complete their community project successfully, will be able to apply for a further £2,500 to help them “Think Bigger”.

Alex said:

“It is great to see incentives to channel the ideas and energy of our young people, whose talents and foresight have the potential to help build stronger communities and bring people together.  What’s more, the “Think Big” initiative also provides our young people with a real chance to have their voices heard, and to develop their own potential.

“There are many innovative and insightful ideas for ways to have a positive impact on our communities.  However, funding is often difficult to come by.  I was therefore pleased to learn of “Think Big” and the opportunities this opens up, and would encourage young people to get involved with their suggestions to improve the areas where they live.”