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Alex welcomes plans to begin the construction of new homes in Stockton


A planned housing development which will see several hundred new homes built on the outskirts of Stockton town centre will hopefully be underway within the next nine months.

The news arrived in the form of an e-mail to Stockton North Labour MP Alex Cunningham from Mike Roberts, Managing Director of Barratt/David Wilson Homes North East, who plans to build on the former Sarek joinery site on Norton Road. 

Alex said:

“I know people throughout our community have been asking when we can expect work to be started on this strategic site so I am delighted to hear that things are finally moving forward and that the building of new homes on this site is expected to begin within the foreseeable future.”

Alex was contacted by Mike after the MP met with the National House Building Federation, during which he voiced concerns that nothing seemed to be happening on the former joinery site, opposite the town’s new North Shore Academy. 

Mike contacted Alex to convey his confidence that new planning permission would soon be granted and that the anticipated starting date for development on the site is currently the second quarter of 2014.   He added that the firm recently introduced a new range of house types which will allow it to design a much improved layout, following the introduction of higher design standards for each of its developments in recent years.

He also explained that previous delays to development work on the site were partly the result of issues with the final design solution for the house foundations.  Although planning permission was granted a number of years ago, changes in market conditions and in the areas available for development have meant that new planning permission needs to be sought from Stockton Borough Council.  However, Barratt/David Wilson Homes North East is confident that this will be granted.